Tuesday, December 6

"Not Minding That It Hurts"

Just saw this piece on probably the best cycling website out there, Velominati.

"Many of the obstacles along that path require us to eschew the wisdom taught to us by our elders and society. Listen to your body, they tell us, when in fact our bodies are chatty things that have only a few sensible contributions to make. Stay inside when it’s wet, or you’ll catch cold, the folk knowledge claims, while in reality those who stay indoors are more likely to catch cold and if we were to heed that advice, we would rarely throw a leg over a top tube during non-summer months. What doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger…well, I suppose they had to get one right."

That pretty well sums up the ideal winter training mindset. Read the full article here.

Sunday, December 4

New Feature: Training Schedule

A calendar outlining the training schedule can now be found under the "Resources" page. Click on events for more info. If you have questions on specifics for individual workouts, talk to Drew.