The Team

The 2013 team welcomes the return of Senior Drew Coelho, Junior Thomas Wimmer, Junior Paul Gillette, and Sophomore Nick Torrance; together with 5 years of cumulative race experience.

Rider Profiles:

Drew Coelho

Major: Biology
Year: 2013
Year in Race: 3 (Riders' Council)
Hometown: Muncie, IN

Interesting Fact: Takes inordinate pleasure in slamming stems.

Paul Gillette

Major: Finance

Year: 2014

Year in Race: 2

Hometown: Fort Wayne, IN

Interesting Fact: Paul is a strict Vegan.

Nick Torrance

Major: Biochemistry
Year: 2015
Year in Race: 2
Hometown: Zionsville, IN

Interesting Fact: 2012 Cat. 5 World Champion.

Thomas Wimmer

Major: Business
Year: 2014
Year in Race:  2
Hometown: Zionsville, IN

Interesting Fact: Can now tie his shoes bunny-ears AND the hard way too.

Andrew Rice

Major: Freshman
Year: 2016 (Hopefully)
Year in Race: 1 (Rookie)
Hometown: Cincinnati , OH

Interesting Fact: Liked Paramore WAY 
before they were mainstream

Andrew Capshew 

Major: Kelley Scholar
Year: 2016
Year in Race: 1 (Rookie)
Hometown: Bloomington, IN

Interesting Fact: None