Tuesday, November 27

Rookies, Part Deux

Going back and looking at last year's "Rookies" post, everything I wrote then seems almost foreign to me now. Our once mostly rookie team is now full with veterans, with two fast up-and-coming rookies to boot. It seems like we have finally put an end to our perpetually revolving door of riders, trading it for the door analogy of a legitimate and sustainable team.

Please don't tell them (seriously, don't...I don't think they even know this blog exists), but I love our rookies. Let me clarify; I love what our rookies stand for. They are happy to put in the time and work just like the rest of us, with the knowledge that they are likely only training for races in years to come. It is this commitment to a team they are barely familiar with that gives me hope for our future as a program.

All in all, I am proud that these guys can see how much this team means to us and put in the work to build on our program's legacy. If we didn't continue to develop our team from the bottom up, then there would be no team left, but only a disjointed series of individual efforts over the years.

Keep an eye out for some more updates soon. Winter Break Training Camp in sunny South Carolina is only a few weeks away!

Now it's time to watch some magnificent team building a la Tom Crean. Go Hoosiers!