Sunday, April 29


After a year's hard work, all of our training hinged on one thing: The Race. We came out ready to go, excited to see what we could do.

Suddenly, after moving up through the pack, Torrance was headbutted off the bike at the front of a crash in turn 1.

We couldn't seem to catch any breaks, working with Cutters to catch back on, dropping all the other crashed teams only to lose the Cutters' wheel on a mistimed exchange just before they finished making up the half lap back without us around lap 25. At this point we had burnt a few too many matches to make a move by ourselves to catch up. We sat up and after a few sets were back in the pack, one lap down.

It is hard to judge how we fit into the race after this point, since we all got perfect burns for exchanges since the lead riders were no longer marking our moves. However, all of the racing was strong and safe, staying near the front of the pack at all but the most unlucky of times. Wimmer was taken down by a crash to put us another lap down around the half way point, then Torrance was put down again, this time by the yellow jersey-ed perennial  self-crashing favorite, and was stretchered off.

We finished the race in a frankly miraculous 12th place considering the three out of four big pileups we were in. Next year, we hope to not be so unlucky; but more importantly, next year we will look to control the race more and not take any chances behind the wheel-rubbing masses.

With the 2012 race behind us, our schedules now transition to summer road racing and lots more miles. Many of our competitors are now our teammates, a reminder of the great camaraderie there is within the race and the cycling community. In the mean time, enjoy some pictures from the race!

We'll see you out there!

Wednesday, April 4

Race Day Shirts 2012

Race day is less than 3 weeks away... This means its getting time to buy your race day shirt to rep the EP!

Check out the design for this year and email us at with your order by this Sunday at midnight. Each shirt is available in American Apparel sizes S-XL and costs $15.

You can send in a check or alternatively send your order in with the appropriate donation on our PayPal link. If you can't make it for the race to pick your shirt up but would still like to show your support, email us and we can get it shipped to you.