1999 Little 500 Champions
1970 Little 500 Champions

Since the team's first Little 500 appearance in 1953, Sigma Phi Epsilon has been a leading team on the track with 49 race appearances, 19 top ten finishes, and two victories. After returning to the race in 2007, The EP have built a competitive team, steadily improving place each year. Last year, the team faced a disappointing drop out of the top ten to a 14th place finish after getting caught in a crash on the 174th lap.

2011 saw the loss of our senior riders Stuart Miller and Tom Gazdziak. Miller joins the coaching staff this year, continuing his involvement with the team he helped to restart as a 4-year rider. With all four riders from the 2012 race returning and the addition of two new members, all of us are looking forward to building on our legacy in the 2013 race and beyond.

Hall of Fame
1970 - Tom Battle

All-Star Riders
1999 - Jett Tackbary
1999 - Steve Kopach
1986 - Roce Blair
1982 - Mike Koufos
1978 - Jeff Kurzawa
1972 - Mark Wade
1969 - Tom Battle
1968 - Tom Battle
1967 - Malcolm Beckner

Rookie All-Star Riders
2000 - Mike Zycinski
1999 - Andy Lupo