Thursday, March 1


While so many other teams are returning full rosters of four or more riders (with 5th year seniors a bit of a theme this year), we have two riders returning from last year's team and a total of one year of race experience between them.

In no way is this a pessimistic post though; we are expecting this to be our strongest season since our return to the race in 2007. Having one freshman, two sophomores, and a junior only gives us more hope of great things to come. For now, though, we are focused on the 2012 race.

Our summers consisted of countless miles, enjoying the weather on 50+ mile training rides with hometown clubs and teams. Fall semester let us get lots of great team work in together before we thought the weather would force us inside; but the unusually mild winter gave the team an opportunity to endure the snowy, icy roads and perma-frozen toes regularly with only an occasional roller workout taking the place of one of these Five and Dime rides. Now spring is here, and long rides are transitioning to brutal intervals, pack riding, and exchange work.

Our pokey little four man team has stuck it out through all of this, always striving to be better and having a great time along the way. From laying it all out on a sprint to a Wednesday Worlds finish line to belting out "Wagon Wheel" or Disney tunes with some questionable lyrics, I can safely say that I am immensely proud of what our team has become and where we are going. Keep an eye out for us this year.